Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stop running, Take a pause and Unwind!

As the evening skies gradually eclipse the sun, urging it to wind up for the day, I head back home from an eventful day at work. There is a feeling of content from my day which converts to exhilaration and liberation looking at the evening blend hues of red and yellow flawlessly. My ride only helps elevate this feeling as I maneuver through the other restless home-goers. As I ascend the flyover, which overlooks green fields onto one side, I try looking at the horizon, with wind blowing at my face (thanks to the open vizer). For reasons I am yet to uncover, vast green fields have always enchanted me.

As if, this stream of emotions wasn't sufficient, as I descend the flyover and ride a little further, I am welcomed by clouds now mixing their grays with the beautiful orange skies! The wind turns now into a cool breeze. Predictable as it is, there is a sudden urgency in the people around to get to their destination.

The breeze soon turns heavy with tiny droplets of water. What would be your reflex to water droplets - To speed up and get home at the earliest? Well, I too had a similar thought…until a girl riding ahead of me did something different. The girl riding a two-wheeler ahead of me, slowed down, leading me to think of the obvious – she must be slowing down to find a place of shelter in case it pours. But, to my surprise, she slowed down, took her helmet off and turned her face up towards the sky to feel the tiny droplets of water. I was taken aback! Followed by the realization, that I am anyways headed home, so unless I had my attire to save, there is no reason for panic. I followed her example, slowed down and tried to take in the pleasant change in weather. And trust me, it was AMAZING! On reaching home, I realized that after years, I let go of the overalls of an adult and had taken over the role of a carefree child. Believe you me, it felt good!

Now the question is to you. When was the last time you slowed down or even stopped to enjoy the rains? If it’s been years, then do not let this year’s monsoon pass!! Worst case – you may fall ill for a couple of days. But then, you may fall ill anyways due to the change in weather, so might as well refresh your childhood memories while at it. And take note, this advice does not apply if it rains to an extent of flooding the place!

Try getting drenched at least once and then pass on your experience to the people in your life. This sharing becomes touch points and the higher the number of touch points, the better this world will be. So wait no further, go ahead experience peace and nature without having to take a vacation or without having to stop your work. All it requires is the awareness that we do not have to follow the thumb rule all the time. Every once in a while, try to break free, see what joy it gives you. Once you do this and realize the value of the freedom and peace you experience, you will start looking for avenues to break from the routine and do something that YOU want to do. And only when you break free, you will be able to assess your true potential.

This principle not only holds well in case of experiencing or enjoying freedom in your personal life. At work, instead of following the same procedure (unless otherwise mandated by your organization or nature of work), if you try to be creative or try to look at the problem from a different point of view, it may actually simplify your job and bring in some good rewards as well. Try it!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ripping for the RED!!!!

Scene 1: The busy streets of Bangalore, riding a two wheeler..enjoying the hustling and bustling of people honking, trying to wade through the ocean of vehicles that now fill Bangalore city, with the Black and silver shimmer of the Helmets here and there in between small, wide and long cars.. and all of a sudden, EVERYONE seems to be dashing.. the whole gamut of automobiles seems desperate to get somewhere.. Could recall, my school days, when we used to dash at the Finish Line in a race..

I wonder what it is…, try to look ahead, trying to figure out what the catch was. And what do I find? A Traffic Signal about 80m away!!! I then try to see if the Traffic light was Green. But, whoa, it’s a whopping RED!! Wonder why, people were actually trying to get there?? This is something I have wondered almost everyday, every signal..Have also seen vehicles barely miss bumping into one another, trying to get to a Traffic signal, which requires you to stop. Sometimes, I thought, why are they running, when they know that once they get there, they are to stop! Are they running to stop?? No clue.

Every time you are approaching a Traffic Signal, do observe this, so that you can have a good laugh (including, if you are the one ripping for the Red!!!!) This will help you ease off some tension, under which you are driving/riding.

There have been banners and posters which warn people to keep their cool when the Light is green and not to jump lanes or cross speed limits at such points, to avoid mishaps.. Anybody there to warn people not to rip for a RED Light???

This observation brings me a smile everyday, as I see, people crossing other lanes, moving in narrow passages between vehicles, overtaking dangerously, just to get to that Red Halt.